Valentine's Day BLUNCH | Feb 14

Valentines Day BLUNCH flyer

Need something to do with your Valentines Day? Here's a message from Dot2Dot Cafe:

"Far be it from me to adhere to the rules.  No one said THIS day had to be smoochy.  No one said you couldn’t have fun.  I always think if you want to get to know that ‘special someone’ better, the best way is to see them in a group setting.  Less pressure, more time to watch from a distance.  Get my drift?  So why not double date this Valentines?  Or just come and have fun – lots of fun."



When: Saturday, February 14th


Where: Dot2Dot Cafe

1739 Dorchester Ave Dorchester

To make reservations: call (617)436-2368 or email