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Big Sister Association

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(617) 236-8060

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M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Big Sister Association of Greater Boston helps girls realize their full potential by providing them with positive mentoring relationships with women.


Big Sister Association
161 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
United States
Key Partners: 
Key Partners: 

Boston Centers for Youth and Families

Boston Public Schools

Codman Square Neighborhood Council

Project R.I.G.H.T.

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Call us at (617) 236-8060 or visit

Key Programs Offered: 
Key Programs Offered: 
Community-Based Mentoring:  Our traditional program pairs a girl between the ages of 7 - 15 with an adult female mentor.  Big and Little Sisters enjoy a range of activities from arts and crafts and museum visits to sporting events and nature walks, or just taking the time to talk about what is going on in the Little Sister's life.

School-Based Mentoring:  This program creates a one-to-one mentoring relationship between a Big and Little Sister.  This program takes place in a school setting and is designed specifically for elementary school girls (grades 2 - 8).  Matches meet during the Little Sister's lunch time or after-school program throughout the academic year, and are encouraged to keep in touch via letters or e-mails over the summer months.

New! Neighborhood-Based Mentoring:  This one-to-one mentoring program matches a Big Sister with a middle-school aged Little Sister.  Matches will meet for an hour and a half at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in Dorchester on Saturday afternoons.  Big and Little Sisters spend time doing one-to-one activities together and group activities with the other matches in the program. 



Big Sister’s Group Mentoring programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of girls between the ages of 11-17; a time when peers begin to have a strong influence on a girl’s choices and decisions. Big Sister offers two Group Mentoring programs:

Life Choices:  Life Choices creates a safe space where Little Sisters can openly explore the choices and challenges they face in their lives. Life Choices groups meet once a week for 90 minutes in schools or community centers, as well as in the Boston Court Clinic and are facilitated by experienced Big Sister social workers or Masters of Social Work (MSW) level interns.  Groups run for approximately 15 weeks. 

Team Enhanced Approach to Mentoring (TEAM):  Like Life Choices, TEAM creates a safe space where Little Sisters can openly explore the choices and challenges they face in their lives.  However, the distinguishing characteristic between Life Choices and TEAM is that TEAM adds mentors to the mix by bringing in groups of volunteers (Big Sisters) to mentor the girls. TEAM groups are led by experienced social workers and/or Masters of Social Work (MSW) interns in conjunction with the Big Sisters. 



Community Meeting Space Available: 



City Year Boston




City Year puts idealism to work by tapping the civic power of youth for an annual campaign of idealism that generates transformative community service, breaks down social barriers, inspires citizens to civic action, develops new leaders for the common good. City Year's mission is dedicated to helping to build a strong democracy through three essential - and interconnected - civic strategies: citizen service, civic leadership, and social entrepreneurship. These three civic strategies are nonpartisan and pre-political. Together, they can serve as the civic foundation for a strong, active and responsive democracy.


287 Columbus Ave.
Boston, MA 02116
United States
Key Partners: 

Agassiz Elementary School, Condon Elementary School,
Haley Elementary School,
Hennigan Elementary School,
Holmes Elementary School,
Neighborhood House Charter K-8 School,
Ohrenberger K-6 School,
Renaissance K-6 School,
Tobin K-8 School,
Young Achievers K-8 School

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Volunteer with City Year:

Interested in serving with City Year for a high-impact service day?
1. Check our website for the upcoming Volunteer Force schedule, coming September 2009.
2. Call our service hotline at 617-927-2300 for additional information.

Join City Year corps members in providing a safe, fun environment for students in grades 1-5 during the February and April public school vacations. Contact Christina Clark at

Are you an organization in need of volunteers to do physical service or health and human services? Call City Year Boston's Physical Service Hotline at 617-927-2300 to set up a site visit.

For more information on becoming a service partner, please contact Nikki Tabron, Director of School Partnerships, at

Becoming a Heroes team leader is a rewarding opportunity to make a difference in the lives of local middle and high school students. For more information contact Nicole Yongue at

For more information on becoming a City Year Boston supporter, please contact John Kaiser at

Community Meeting Space Available: 


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