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BostonGLOW - Girls’ Leadership (GL) and Organized Women (OW)




Boston GLOW aims to foster opportunities for women of all ages to become empowered community leaders and active, engaged world citizens. Women consist of half the world’s population, perform two thirds the world’s work hours, make one tenth the world’s income and comprise 70 percent of the world’s poor. Today in the United States, only 17 percent of elected officials are women. Only one country in the entire world has more than 50 percent female elected officials! Boston GLOW fosters opportunities for women of all ages to become empowered community leaders and active world citizens. Through two specific program areas -Girls’ Leadership (GL) and Organized Women (OW), GLOW strives to provide pragmatic programming, leadership training, and service-learning opportunities.


GLOW Boston
59 St Andrew Road
East Boston, MA 02128
United States
How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Contact Leah Moschella at You can support Boston GLOW's IGNITE Change in three ways, and we welcome any contribution, big or small. All contributions are tax-deductible: Donate directly to the IGNITE Change contest, via PayPal or by check. This money will go to the scholarship prizes for the winner and, if our fundraising is successful, to the other finalists as well. Checks can be made out to Boston GLOW and mailed to: Boston GLOW C/o Leah Moschella 59 St. Andrew Road 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02128 Or, you can donate online

Key Programs Offered: 

Boston GLOW aims to foster opportunities for women of all ages to become empowered community leaders and active, engaged world citizens. Working through two program areas – Girls’ Leadership (GL) and Organized Women (OW) – GLOW provides pragmatic programming, leadership training, and service learning opportunities. Girls' Leadership offers internships, IGNITE CHANGE contest and mentoring, and a 2-year leadership curriculum. Organized Women runs an annual V-Day charity campaign (against domestic violence), "Crafting for a Cause" feminist craft sessions and discussions, mentoring, and an annual gala.

Also (or Previously) Known As...: 

GLOW Boston


Peace Boston


Peace Boston was created by members of the local Hip-Hop community, youth workers and youth on December 21, 2005 in Boston, MA. The debut event was the "Peace in the Streets" vigil held in Dorchester, MA at the rise of youth violence in Boston.

Peace Boston's Founding Members are: · The Academy of Public Service at the Dorchester Education Complex · The FloorLords Movement, Inc. · The Hip Hop Mecca Project · LisiVian, Inc. · Louis D. Brown Peace Institute · PLO Style Graphics · R.A.W. (Revealing Artistic Works) · Save the Youth Ministries · Showdown Youth Development Inc.'s Violence Free Zone Initiative · True Hiphop Culture Program · United Youth and Youth Workers of Boston Peace Boston's united mission is to mobilize the arts, youth, and youth development communities to increase the peace in the city of Boston. Peace Boston practices the seven principles of Peace as encouraged by the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute: Love, Unity, Faith, Hope, Courage, Justice, Forgiveness and endeavors to promote peace through peer education, training, supporting activities, events, and initiatives that promote Peace.


Dorchester Symphony Orchestra

Mailing Address (if different than physical location): 

Dorchester Symphony Orchestra 112 King St. Dorchester, MA 02122




The mission of the Dorchester Symphony is to enrich the cultural life of the community by providing orchestral music of the highest quality and fostering the appreciation of classical music among its residents and young audiences. The DSO holds concerts in local concert halls, churches, schools, and parks.

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Attend an event or

Key Programs Offered: 

In addition to concerts, the DSO will frequently present educational programs for Dorchester's young people. These events called "Meet The Orchestra" will introduce local children to classical music and hopefully inspire and encourage them to take up a musical instrument. At these sessions the children can meet the orchestra members, have a look at the instruments and see how they're played. We believe that playing an instrument is one of the more rewarding things a child can do and learning to play one will enrich their lives.

Also (or Previously) Known As...: 

Dorchester Symphony, Dorchester Orchestra


Ashmont Hill Chamber Music


Ashmont Hill Chamber Music is a community-based organization founded in 1985 to provide an accessible and affordable concert series for the residents of Dorchester and its surrounding communities, to create new audiences for chamber music, and to strengthen the sense of community among the audience, volunteers, and musicians who come together at each concert.

Ashmont Hill Chamber Music seeks to:

  • Present artists of the highest caliber in a series of chamber music concerts in Dorchester.

  • Provide an opportunity for established and emerging artists to perform artistically challenging repertoire for an attentive audience in a beautiful and intimate setting.
  • Develop new audiences for chamber music through imaginative efforts to reach out to the cross section of people that live in our community of Dorchester and beyond.
  • Educate the audience.
  • Innovate programming.
  • Create a small artistic community where musicians, graphic designers, photographers, marketing people, development people, funders, friends, neighbors and audience members learn from each other through working together and through their commitment to creating concerts.
  • Use the series of programs in Dorchester as a base of fully produced concerts that can be performed in venues throughout New England and beyond.
Key Partners: 

Boston Symphony, Boston Musica Viva, Emmanuel Music, COLLAGE contemporary Ensemble, Cantata Singers, New England Conservatory and Boston University

Key Programs Offered: 

AHCM is dedicated to sharing its passion for classical music with children of all ages. For nearly 20 years the organization has brought exciting and engaging classical concerts and workshops to Dorchester and its surrounding communities. Put musicians and children together and magic happens!

AHCM has presented interactive performance workshops at Dorchester schools and community groups such as the Epiphany Middle School, the Codman Square Health Center, the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester and South Boston, the Jubilee House, the Dorchester YMCA, the Metropolitan Council for Economic Opportunity program, and the Boston Home for adult patients with multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases.


Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy

Mailing Address (if different than physical location): 

The Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy
c/o Touchable Stories
65 East Cottage St. Dorchester, MA 02125


The Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy is an anti-violence initiative co-directed by Dorchester peace activist Isaura Mendes and Shannon Flattery of Touchable Stories. It is named in honor of Isaura's oldest son Bobby who was murdered in 1995. It is rededicated to her youngest son Matthew who was murdered in 2006.

The program began in 1999 to help stem the tide of growing homicides in the Dorchester/Roxbury neighborhoods. Programs include public speaking in schools and prisons, grief counseling for families and friends who have lost loved ones, roundtable dinners with community members and their elected officials, holiday celebrations for local children and The Annual Parent's & Children's Walk for Peace.


65 East Cottage Street
Dorchester, MA
United States
Key Partners: 

Touchable Stories; The Riley Foundation Family Strengthening Small Grants Fund, The Lenny Zakim Fund, Floyd Williams Funeral Home, Maxwell Community Business Park, Suffolk County Sheriffs Department, Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo, Humphrey Street Studios, M.Y.H.O.O.D, PeaceWorks, Project Hope, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers, Maxwell Flea Market, Radio Nha Terra, Sovereign Bank, Toys for Tots, Wainwright Bank

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Contributions may be made directly to support this work by making checks payable to:
“The Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy”
c/o Touchable Stories
65 East Cottage St. Dorchester, MA 02125

Secure contributions can also be made online at

Key Programs Offered: 

Parents and Children's Peace Walk | Back to School BBQ | Christmas with Bobby | Anti-Violence Roundtables | Survivor Outreach and Family Breavement Support | Find Your Voice | Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

See here for details.


Touchable Stories


Touchable Stories began in 1996 with the idea of using the talents of contemporary artists to help individual communities define their own voice and give it public expression. The idea caught on, and has since become a series of community profiles telling the unique stories of these routinely marginalized neighborhoods.

Artists create rooms based on themes from the community. Ten to twelve rooms are then connected to form a walk-through maze, each interactive, each designed by a different hand, each using soundtracks created from the recorded interviews. The result is an intimate and dramatic journey in the life of a singular place through time—a journey with many voices.

Through a process of listening and observation, Touchable Stories networks to bring people and resources together in an effort to create sustainable futures.


Touchable Stories Inc.
65 East Cottage Street
Dorchester, MA 02125
United States
Key Partners: 

Founding sponsors

The Boston Foundation
LEF Foundation
The Martin Fund

Host Site Sponsors

Boston Wharf Co. (Fort Point)
Brighton Ave. Baptist Church (Allston)
First Baptist Church of Cambridge (Central Square)
Maxwell Community Business Park (Upham’s Corner)
Port of Richmond, CA (Richmond: Introduction & The Story Continues)

Other Affiliates:
Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy (Shannon Flaherty, Co-Director).

Key Programs Offered: 

Current projects can be seen here. They include: Animating Archives, Echoes From The Edge, the New England Folk Music Archives, Richmond: The Story Continues, the Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy, and Tent City Peace Movement among others. Recurring themes include music, history, (anti-)violence, and more.


Boston Community Capital




Boston Community Capital (BCC) is a community development financial institution whose mission is to build healthy communities where low-income people live and work. We accomplish this mission by investing in projects that provide affordable housing, good jobs, and new opportunities in low-income communities, connecting these neighborhoods to the mainstream economy.

Since 1985, BCC has invested more than $550 million to support organizations and businesses that benefit underserved communities. Our loans and investments have helped:

Build or preserve affordable homes for over 10,000 families and individuals

Support child care facilities serving over 7,000 children

Finance schools and youth programs serving over 2,000 low-income students

Renovate over 750,000 square feet of commercial real estate in distressed inner-city communities

Create more than 1,400 jobs in low-income communities

Generate over 1.4 million kilowatt hours of solar capacity annually on affordable housing serving over 1,100 families and individuals,

Provide fixed-rate mortgages that have allowed over 80 families facing foreclosure to remain in their homes.


Boston Community Capital
57 Warren Street
Boston, MA 02119
United States
Key Partners: 

DotWell (BCC refers to DotWell's financial counseling program);

Key Programs Offered: 

BCC’s programs and initiatives include:

Boston Community Loan Fund (BCLF); lends money to community projects such as affordable housing, child care facilities, schools, youth programs and community facilities.

Boston Community Venture Fund (BCVF) makes equity investments in businesses that create jobs or provide services for LICs.

New Markets Tax Credits leverages private sector investment into distressed communities across the United States.

Foreclosure Relief Programs focus on stabilizing neighborhoods hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis, and helping families facing eviction due to foreclosure to remain in their homes.

SUN Initiative; Stabilizing Urban Neighborhoods is a program created to help you keep your home if you are a homeowner or tenant going through foreclosure.
For more information call 617-933-5880. Click here to take eligibility survey.


Loan Committee
Victor Rivera; Chair, Bank of America

Meg Bennett
; Deutsche Bank

Eva Clarke
; MMA Financial

Laura Hackell
; Independent Consultant

DeWitt Jones; Boston Community Capital

Maria Maffei; Independent Consultant

Linnie McLean; Trillium Asset Management (former)

Glenn Morgan;

Jennifer Pinck; Pinck and Company

Rebecca Regan; Boston Community Capital

Steven Tromp;
Wainwright Bank

Venture Committee
Edward Dugger, III; Chair,
UNC Partners, Inc.

Charles Clark;
Youth Build, USA

Elyse Cherry; Boston Community Capital

DeWitt Jones; Boston Community Capital

James Walsh, S.J., Esq.;

Fair Foods Inc


(617) 288-6185

Hours of operation (or meeting times & dates): 

Dorchester locations:
Adams Templeton
455 Adams St
Near Ashmont Red Line
Fridays 1 - 2

Blue Hill Ave
Dorchester Boys & Girls Club
15 Talbot Ave, near Blue Hill Ave.
Tuesdays 5 - 6

Franklin Hill/Wayne Apts.
140 American Legion Hwy
at Franklin Hill Ave
Every other Wed. 12:30 - 1:30
From June 16

Cardinal Medeiros Manor
11 Woodcliff St. (Grove Hall)
Every other Thurs 1:00 - 2:00
From Jan 13

Codman Square
Codman Sq. Global Ministries
675 Washington St.(in parking lot w/white fence)
Saturdays 12:30 - 2:30

Fields Corner
Pasciucco Development
330 Bowdoin St. at Quincy St.(17 Bus from Andrew)
Fridays 4:30- 6:00

Cleveland Middle School
11 Charles St
Fields Corner Red Line
Thursdays 5:00 – 6:00

Dorchester House/Kelly House
1353 Dorchester Ave
Fridays 2:30 – 3:30

A Complete List of Locations


96 billion pounds of food are wasted each year. Fair Foods Inc is an evolution in the fight against hunger and poverty. Since 1988, we have transported daily truckloads of usable surplus goods from industry to low-income communities in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. We recycle massive amounts of grocery-quality fresh food and high-grade building materials and bring them directly to the people who need it most. We rely on a commonsense ethic, a core staff of food distributors, and over 200 networked volunteers to get the job done, seven days a week. We focus on being cost-effective, resourceful, and thorough. Our business is to bring tangible change into the lives of thousands of families.

For the low cost of two dollars at the sites listed above Fair Foods will provide you with a very generous amount (about 15 lbs) of vegetables, fruits and possibly more. Food items provided vary each week.


Fair Foods Inc
P.O. Box 220168
Dorchester, MA 02122
United States
How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

It takes one truck to move 20,000 pounds of food, but it takes 200 people to distribute that same amount to the people. They are always in need of help.

Contact Information


On The Rise


(617) 497-7968


(617) 492-9814



To create a community where women have the relationships safety and resources they need to move out of homelessness. On The Rise engages with those most in need and support their initiative and strength as they move beyond crisis and discover new possibilities.


341 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States
How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

On The Rise gives volunteer opportunities to come in for a Day of Service, coordinate a drive, make lunch, host an event and to fullfill a woman's wishlist. You can find out how to get involved by clicking here

Key Programs Offered: 

The Wellness Program includes a variety of activities such as a weekly writing group. There are also regular opportunities for women to get a massage or a hair cut. Staff and women also go on community outings together to cultural events, the movies, theatre, and local parks.
Keep The Keys offers housing search and move in support, home visits, personalized goal plans, and many other resources for social support and early intervention.
Safe Haven is a community of safety and trust for women where women are known holistically by others beyond specific "issues." The rules of the Safe Haven are based on safety and respect. There is no clean and sober policy and participation is always voluntary.


Dare Family Services


617-427-6500 (Boston/Roxbury); 617-628-3696 (Main Office)


617-427-6004 (Boston/Roxbury); 617-628-3778 (Main Office)


Dare Family Services is a private, nonprofit social services agency. The primary service we provide is a highly intensive type of foster care. Dare provides foster homes for children who have been removed from their biological families due to abuse or neglect. We operate through six regional offices across Massachusetts and one in Connecticut.

Intensive foster care serves a wide range of children with distinct needs. The state entrusts us with the care of these vulnerable young lives. We work very hard to help youth heal and move forward toward a fulfilling life.


Boston Region Office
504 Dudley Street 2nd Floor
Roxbury, MA 02119
United States
Central Office
265 Medford Street, Suite 500
Somerville, MA 02143
United States
How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

For more information on becoming a foster parent or about Dare's programs, please contact the office nearest you.

Key Programs Offered: 

Become a Foster Parent

You can make an extraordinary difference in a child's life by becoming a foster parent.

Dare Mentors, or foster parents, are at the heart of our agency's work. When children are removed from their own biological families due to abuse and neglect, they need to spend time in a nurturing, supportive home so they can begin to heal, trust adults and form healthy relationships.

Family Support and Stabilization

Dare Family Services provides family support and stabilization services to families involved with the Department of Children and Families. The services aim to prevent an initial or subsequent removal of a child from the home and to promote permanency. We provide these services out of our Somerville, MA office.

Intellectual Disabilities Programs

Dare Family Services offers programs to enable people with intellectual disabilities to maximize their independence and to provide for themselves. Every client in our care has an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that is overseen by a Department of Developmental Services (DDS) coordinator. The ISP objectives for each person are unique, focusing on specific areas of skill instruction and support that he or she needs to maximize independence.

> Residential Care

Dare Family Services has been providing staffed apartments for individuals with intellectual disabilities since 1977. Dare was one of the first human service agencies to pioneer these services.

We provide staffed apartments to individuals in Boston, Brookline, Dorchester and West Newton. The intensity of support ranges from 24-hour, 7-day-per-week services for some people to more limited care for others. Our staff works to determine the unique potential of each adult in our care. The goal of these programs is to teach the life skills that each person needs to live in his or her own home in the community.

> Program for Pregnant/Parenting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Our transitional program in Dorchester provides housing and services to mothers with intellectual disabilities and their young children. The program teachers mothers life skills such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting. We provide instruction on parenting skills to enable mothers to care for themselves and for their children. The ultimate goal of the program is to guide these women toward independent living settings where they can parent and provide for their children and themselves within their communities.

If you have a family member or loved one with intellectual disabilities and would like more information on placing him or her in our care, please contact Jan Edeman at 617-629-2710 or at

Pregnant & Parenting Teens Program

Our residential program in Newburyport, MA serves teenage mothers and their children. All of these young mothers are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families (DCF), and they come to us pregnant or with babies.

These teenagers have a strong desire to raise their children themselves and to live independently. However, their young age and family history would place their children at risk unless the mothers learn skills to effectively parent. Since many of these young mothers have been victims of abuse and neglect, they are at risk of continuing the cycle of abuse if they do not receive appropriate care.

Pathways to Independence

Young people who grow up in foster care live a fractured childhood, separated from their families after having endured the horrors of abuse and neglect. When they are forced out of state care based solely on their age, they face a grueling reality. While their peers continue to rely on their families for housing, money and guidance after they turn eighteen, former foster children often have no stable figures to help them transition to independence.

As reported by a Massachusetts task force in 2008, over one-third of the young people who leave foster care become homeless; one half become pregnant or impregnate someone; and well over half suffer from mental illness.

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