Season Opening Hike

It’s become tradition for Hike4Life members and friends to kick off a new year’s Hiking season with a memorable hike through the Blue Hills. This will be another year of great hikes, great people and great opportunities. We’ve put together a great team of people to help make this a successful year. We’re looking forward to adding more friends, family, supporters and volunteers to our group!

Our first hike of 2013 will be the kick off to another great year. We’re going to meet at location 1203 (Border Path) on your Blue Hills Reservation Map. >> Read More


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Hike4Life™ is a community based organization dedicated to health, wellness and exercise.  Our motto: “Get Up. Get Out. Go Hiking!” is a call to all communities to leave a sedentary lifestyle behind and to get up, get moving and get outdoors.  We hike, bike, kayak, camp, ski & more.  We are partners with Operation B Fit; we advocate for Boston Parks with the Franklin Park Coalition and are part of the Boston Moves for Health initiative.

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