Parking Lot Attendant needed at DotHouseHealth

DotHouse Health (formerly known as Dorchester House) is looking for a parking attendant! 

Responsible for Parking Lots.  Ensure appropriate number of cars is being parked in an appropriate manner.  Direct incoming patients, visitors and staff to available parking spaces. Take tickets from patrons. Issue violation warnings if necessary and call tow trucks if car is parked illegally.  Assist patients, visitors and staff by answering any questions they may have or direct them to the appropriate person for further assistance.  Control traffic at entrances and exists as needed.  Report any known accidents, observed or suspected violations of health center policy, safety hazards or any unusual occurrence to the Chief Procurement Officer.  Resolve parking lot disputes that may occur. Ensure cameras are working. Assist with other related duties as required.
A valid Massachusetts driving license
Excellent customer service skills
Willing to work in a team environment.


If interested contact DotHouseHealth at 617-288-3230

Dates Relevant: 
Tue, 03/10/2015 - Wed, 04/01/2015