Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center


(617) 825-3400

Hours of operation (or meeting times & dates): 

Monday - 8:30am to 8.00pm
Tuesday - 8:30am to 8.00pm
Wednesday - 8:30am to 8.00pm
Thursday - 8:30am to 8.00pm
Friday - 9:30am to 8.00pm
Saturday - 9:00am to 3.00pm


-Serve as a primary health care provider without regard to race, sex, color, political philosophy, or religious belief or ability to pay.

-Participate, so far as circumstances may warrant, in any activity designed and execute to promote the general health of families and children of the North Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury communities of Boston in particular, and the City of Boston in general.

-Serve as a primary source in all health education activities relating to rendering care to the sick and injured, or to the promotion of physical and mental health.

-Provide assistance to the community in the development implementation and analysis of health services and policies.

-Initiate and participate in health related research which promotes the well being of the communities served..

It is also HSNHC’s philosophy that quality health care should be made available, accessible, and acceptable to all people, and rendered in a dignified manner as a right rather than a privilege.


Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center
632 Blue Hill Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02121
United States