Dorchester MA Neighborhood Associations

Dorchester has abundant "village" neighborhoods and many local groups have been organized to address quality of life issues where they live. These civic groups, also called neighborhood associations, typically meet monthly within the area they focus on. The interactive map below shows the approximate boundaries of civic groups in Dorchester, gleaned from group bylaws, member-provided information and other sources. Click on the different colorful spots to see the name of the association and information about each group. Click on the plus and minus signs at the left of the map to zoom in and out. For an alphabetical list of neighborhood associations with monthly meeting days and times, including some not yet shown on this map, click here.
View Dorchester Neighborhood Associations in a larger map
This map is still being updated, so if you notice an error or missing information, please let us know! Please email with any recommendations or information. For a map strictly of the Dorchester Boundaries go here.