Become a Bike Friendly Business!

Bike Friendly Businesses

Boston Bikes is excited to present our eighth annual Bike Friendly Business Awards. The awards recognize Boston-based businesses and educational institutions for taking steps to be more bike friendly. The actions of these individual businesses help to improve the climate for cycling across Boston.

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Ways to Qualify

  • Install outdoor bike racks
  • Offer employees a guaranteed ride home
  • Offer bike commuters financial incentives
  • Give bike commuters informational support
  • Participate in Bike Week and Bike Friday
  • Organize walk/ride days for the office
  • Make bike tools and a pump available for employee use
  • Make your building bike accessible
  • Enter a team in Hub on Wheels
  • Provide shower facilities for employees who commute by bike
  • Offer employees bike training sessions
  • Sign up for a Hubway Corporate Membership or provide company owned bikes to share
  • Install secure, covered bike parking
  • Do something else that’s creative and awesome to support and encourage your employees and customers to bike to you instead of drive
Dates Relevant: 
Mon, 03/02/2015 - Wed, 05/20/2015