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Sustainability Guild International is a Dorchester-based social enterprise dedicated to inner city sustainability and innovation. Their Vision in Action strategy for a Sustainable Metroscape guides the design and piloting of collaborative sustainable development solutions that promote equity, health, beauty, and prosperity.


Venture Development Center
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125-3393
United States
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UMass Boston

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In June/July 2012, Sustainability Guild launched the 100 for 100 initiative.  100 for 100 engages 100 inner city residents in 100 sustainability projects and programming for environmental, economic, and social opportunity creation involving:

Living Walls | Upcycling | Energy | Community Cafe - in partnership with the Dorchester Community Food Co-op | Arts, Culture & Wellness | Sustainable Design.



International Peer-Reviewed Journals

Our publications build core knowledge and provide insight that guides holistic strategy, action, outcomes and innovation. The Guild FOCUS journal series emphasizes key issues in sustainability from institutional and organizational perspectives. The Guild CULTURE journal series examines sustainability from broad, social and cultural perspectives. Guild journals promote critical discourse through in-depth articles, interviews, case studies, program profiles, opportunities, technology assessments and book reviews.

Digital Library Series (DLS)

Our DLS publications provide deeper insight into sustainability topics and issues that emerge from our research, journals and collaborations. Leveraging the deep insight and experiences of a diverse array of strategic leaders and scholars, the series features case-study-framed examinations of quantified outcomes, emerging issues and innovation.

Arts Engaged

Reaching out to stakeholders of the art world, Sustainability Guild International seeks to determine how the players in arts and culture are involved with society, sustainability and social projects. By publishing data and articles online, holding online exhibits, holding annual events and more, the Guild will make known the points of intersection between the arts and society.