“Pedal & Park” bike cage to be installed at Ashmont Station

The MBTA is readying plans to install a “Pedal & Park” (a secure, covered bike parking facility also known as a bike cage) at Ashmont Station next spring. Camera-monitored, the Pedal & Park are accessed via a special Bike CharlieCard, which are available for free at any station with a bike Depot. Currently, there are three other Pedal & Park cages on the MBTA, at Forest Hills, Alewife, and South Station.

The Pedal & Park at Ashmont will have a different design than the existing 100-bike facility that opened just a year ago at Forest Hills, with metal roof replacing the canopy, and with a slightly smaller capacity of 82 bicycles. External bike racks will hold an additional 20 bikes. Federal stimulus funding is supporting installation of six new “Pedal & Park” facilities around the MBTA system this year, including the newly installed bike cage at South Station.